new found love for rice dumplings hehe so fattening but i rlly love it… anyway all i do these days is eat LOL

quite sure i gained weight HAHA but its ok cos i am 99% sure i will lose weight next month since im not a fan of shanghainese food

quit my cafe job… yes after only about a month. i guess some people love iced latte and others love kopi peng and i am one of the latter (literally and metaphorically)

havent been getting a lot of shifts at work lately so im enjoying my sloth life hahaha

me loves SALE yay (my bank account doesnt tho)

also have been trying to settle my china visa but wah its fking troublesome i wasted so much time and i still havent settle it

and ofc whats sloth life without food i eat supper every single night LEL