i miss shanghai so. fucking. much. and i cant fully understand why bcos how is it possible to miss something that you didnt even love in the first place? maybe i just miss the freedom i had then or maybe its simply bcos i want to escape reality. all i know is that i miss shanghai so much i even miss the horrible food & the 40 degree weather. 🙁

did my nails!! cant decide how i feel about this colour though haha

first time trying liho! haha yes im damn slow LOL but this lychee jing syuan tea was quite good

happy 52nd sg 🇸🇬

shanghai day 32

📍 Pudong Airport

breakfast! my last cup noodles

checked out at 12pm!! yay managed to squeeze everything into my luggage + kanken hehe

proud of myself for choosing to take public transport despite having to lug my super heavy luggage

arrived at pudong airport to the realization that my flight got delayed for more than 2 hours zzz

burger king for lunch!!

actually this is my first time eating a burger in shanghai.. bcos my burger orders are damn complicated + my chinese sucks so i tend to just avoid ordering them LOL

complimentary f&b voucher from sq to compensate for flight delay

had 4 hours to kill at the departure hall haha managed to watch 2 episodes of ga

went to this damn expensive place called cafe deco for dinner to make use of my voucher 👅

this nasi goreng is 99 rmb (20 sgd) wts… it tasted pretty great la but i definitely wouldnt pay the full price for this LOL

something about airports that i just love 


goodbye shanghai 💗