shanghai favs

tried to capture a little of shanghai’s beauty every day during the 32 days that i was there – here are 8 of my fav shots (in no particular order)

1. East Nanjing Road

2. Huangpu River (from The River Mall)

3. Qibao Ancient Town

4. Luxun Park

5. Joy City Ferris Wheel

6. M50 Art District

7. Tianzifang

8. The Bund


shanghai day 32

📍 Pudong Airport

breakfast! my last cup noodles

checked out at 12pm!! yay managed to squeeze everything into my luggage + kanken hehe

proud of myself for choosing to take public transport despite having to lug my super heavy luggage

arrived at pudong airport to the realization that my flight got delayed for more than 2 hours zzz

burger king for lunch!!

actually this is my first time eating a burger in shanghai.. bcos my burger orders are damn complicated + my chinese sucks so i tend to just avoid ordering them LOL

complimentary f&b voucher from sq to compensate for flight delay

had 4 hours to kill at the departure hall haha managed to watch 2 episodes of ga

went to this damn expensive place called cafe deco for dinner to make use of my voucher 👅

this nasi goreng is 99 rmb (20 sgd) wts… it tasted pretty great la but i definitely wouldnt pay the full price for this LOL

something about airports that i just love 


goodbye shanghai 💗

shanghai day 31

📍 Lujiazui

lunch at sch canteen! yay i managed to use up almost all my campus card money hehe

first time in 30 days it rained so heavily… the last time was on the first day i arrived in shanghai

lujiazui!! it was such a gloomy day 😦 ok its not obvious but if you zoom in you will see all the umbrellas HAHA

went to super brand mall to window shop while waiting for the rain to stop

finally managed to go outside

oriental pearl towerrr

atas restaurants along the river

even a floating restaurant

wish it didnt rain haha i would choose 40 degree celcius sun anytime 😂

back to super brand mall for dinz! tried redlips!!

its basically the dry version of sg’s yong tau foo but cooked in mala sauce! not bad leh!!!

mocha ice cream frm cold stone!! 6 sgd for one scoop omg but SO GOOD 💗

went back to dorm to pack my stuff & i realized the severity of my luggage situation 🙁

shanghai day 30

📍 Global Harbor

bought lunch frm the korean grill store opp my dorm

last time walking down this path to sch!! so glad to be finally done with my module yayz

revisiting one of my fav malls – global harbor!

sucha pretty mall

iced mango juice!

omg theres a conan exhibition going on!! i was obsessed with this when i was younger haha i finished reading the entire comic book series LOL

the interior of this mall is rlly damn on point 

bought a top frm hollister yay 😇

dinner at this place that has a changi airport theme LEL

the curry legit tastes like sg’s yumz

shanghai day 29

📍 East Nanjing Road, The River Mall (China Art Musuem), Huangpu River

sch canteen lunch!

east nanjing road! haha realized i always take a pic of this building at the exact same spot 😅

came here to shop but didnt manage to buy anything.. why is everything so expensive 😦

still love the vibes here nonetheless

the river mall!

this mall is a beauty!! but yknow how some things are super pretty but damn useless? yup this is that 🙄

honeymoon dessert!

had their (overpriced) watermelon sago

went up to the rooftop garden!

this view is perfect 😍

sat here for a good 30 mins just thinking about life…

had dinner at xin wang! not sure if its the same one as sg’s though

wanton noodles! omg i hate noodles but i order it every time what is wrong with me zzz

went outside the mall and walked along huangpu river

the sun was unforgiving leh but for this view…. worth it 😍

this place is rlly a hidden gem – its so pretty but there was hardly anyone??

gorgeous sunset ☀️

found my fav brand of canned coffee at a random convenience store

bought fried chicken on the way back to dorm! at a shop near my bus stop at wjc

walao i keep eating fried chicken bcos its the only thing that will be nice no matter how bad your cooking skills are…. so unhealthy leh 🙃

shanghai day 28

📍 The Hub Mall (Hongqiao Railway Station), Walmart

lunch at sch canteen again! trying to use up all my campus card money hahaha

the hub mall! thought there would be alot to shop here but nope its rlly small…

walked around abit then left since there was nothing to do + i was on the verge of dying cos of my fking cramps

dropped by walmart on the way back to dorm

the grass is always greener on the other side isnt it / decided to stay in dorm for the rest of the day cos my cramps were debilitating

dinner haha comfort foodd

chicken wings from walmart!! i prefer fried chicken though HAHA

shanghai day 27

📍 Fudan University, Hopson One

lunch at sch canteen! idk if its just me but the metal plate makes me feel like this is jail food HAHAHA

60 cents green bean drink!

was early for class so i explored the sch abit… haha this is the guanghua tower which is like the icon of fudan

anyway it feels like fudan is alot bigger than nus but i think thats bcos they dont have internal shuttle buses so i have to walk everywhere.. in actual fact the size of fudan is probably comparable to that of nus

main entrance of fudan university!! haha if you zoom in you will be able to see the maozedong statue

finished my exam + worked a little on my group paper then went to hopson one for dinz

walked past this shop so many times but ive never tried it haha this is china’s version of yong tau foo i guess

some of the ingredients i picked haha i love meat but i wont feel like eating it when i see it in its raw form LOL

chose the curry soup base which tasted a little weird but other than that this was pretty good

then went to buy bbt from happy lemon + bread from breadtalk (yes they have breadtalk in china! but its more expensive than sg)

hehe supperrr