shanghai day 13

📍 Daxue Road, Wujiaochang

woke up damn early today bcos someone was shouting damn loudly outside zzz

and then i was hungry.. so i ate cup noodles for breakfast hahaha 

went for class… i feel kinda bad for not contributing much for my group project but then my mod is pass/fail so like why bother

lunch in sch canteen – my first time having a meal in sch ahaha ok la its not that bad

daxue road!

basically its just a road that has a lot of cafes and bars!

think this is my first time seeing graffiti in shanghai?

does this reflect the lack of freedom of expression in china hmm

this place is actually only about a 5 mins walk from the main campus of fudan

walao the weather is unbearable…… went back to dorm to hide in my aircon room hahaha

waited for the sun to set then went to wjc for dinner! omg now i feel like a vampire must wait until sunset then can come out to see the world BAHAHA

went back to the thai place at hopson one haha my food choices are so predictable lmao

coco bbt!

walmart!!! erm damn auntie but i think so far this is my fav shopping place in shanghai LOL

supermarket loots


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