shanghai day 12

📍 West Nanjing Road, Xintiandi

today’s lunch bcos i have been spending too much money… HAHA but honestly idm la bcos cup noodles taste better than most outside food anyway

went to west nanjing road for some shopping!

there are alot of international brands here! like h&m, uniqlo etc but definitely less things to see than east nanjing road

but this means there are lesser people!! which is good cos i hate crowded places LOL

quite sad that there isnt much to shop in shanghai.. like i dont rlly like their style? and prices are not cheaper than sg


wah this place very atas haha think it mainly caters to foreigners

i like the vibes here!! 

dinner at crystal jade at one of the malls!


walked around the area after dinz ~

alot of expensive cafes ahaha

the place itself is actually quite small? can walk finish in 10 mins i think

love it when i look up and i see blue skies hahaha

walked around wjc for awhile bcos i didnt want to go back to dorm so early HAHA


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