shanghai day 11

📍 Hopson One, Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

so 2 days ago i managed to buy stuff on taobao (before i cancelled my china bank card) and it arrived today!! so efficient 👍🏼

went back to the udon place to have lunch 🙂

rlly have to applaud shanghai’s metro system. there are so many metro lines but the trains are always on time (or at least i have never experienced otherwise)

zhujiajiao ancient town! took like 2.5 hrs to get here

most scenic place ive seen in shanghai so far

rlly worth all my travelling time!

so fking hot though 

old fishing boats

this town is truly a beauty

bad thing about this place is that its a maze.. and i have no connection here which means no google maps

zhujiajiao you are amazing

one of their gift shops

love all the bridges here!

omg my bus back to the city centre stopped in the middle of nowhere thank god i had google maps else i might not live to type this LOL

prawn dumplings back at yang’s dumpling in hopson one

daily bubble tea fix


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