shanghai day 8

📍 Jiangwan Stadium, Bailian Shiji (Century Avenue), Shanghai Science & Technology Musuem, Lujiazui

cycled for the first time in china!! and didnt get run down by cars HAHA achievement unlocked

went to a mall near jiangwan stadium for lunch with my classmates (yes i am finally socializing lol)

typical shanghai food which means i didnt rlly enjoy the meal LOL

went to bailian shiji mall @ century avenue

i think shanghai has too many malls LOL most of the malls i have visited are empty

typical singaporean but i like crowded malls? ok maybe not super crowded but at least like got people walking around..

decided to be a cultured citizen and went to the shanghai science & technology musuem

erm i feel like i wasted my 30 rmb LOL 

anyway since i paid the entrance fee alrdy i took a few pics

probably the only exhibit that i can appreciate lmao

i have reached the conclusion that i am an uncultured and ignorant person HAHAHA

went to lujiazui next!

in love with skycrapers 😍

went to super brand mall for dinz

fried rice from food court was horrible omg SHANGHAI FOOD FKING SUCKS

walked around the area

view along huangpu river 

i swear the view here is better than the bund… the bund is overrated la

my fav shot today 😍

this city is so alive i love it

oriental pearl tower – the icon of shanghai and also my fav building here


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