shanghai day 7

📍 Bailian Youyicheng Mall (Jiangwan Stadium), Cloud Nine Mall (Zhongshan Park)

i have come to the realisation that i am horrible with directions. like i keep trusting my guts but my guts always wrong de 😦

coco ichibanya @ bailian youyicheng mall! the first legit agree-with-my-taste-buds meal since i reached shanghai LOL

cloud nine mall! decent mall but idk the aircon spoil or what??

shanghai version of arcade. they have my fav house of the dead 4 video game wah am quite impressed!!

went to carrefour

i love supermarkets omg

alcohol here is cheaper too

settled dinner at the jap place opposite my dorm! 2nd time here bcos their food not bad plus v convenient

comfort food hehe so thankful for non-shanghainese food LOL

chilling in lobby bcos i dont wanna go back to dorm 😦



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