first tattoo

11/05/17 – got my first tattoo today @ the bold fox (near boat quay)!! was vv excited cos ive been wanting to do this for awhile alrdy HAHA (btw tyvm sab for accompanying me vv grateful)

me on the table dying in pain

the process: pain wise, i feel that some parts 0/10 like rly cannot feel anything at all while other parts 11/10 like I-AM-FUCKING-GONNA-BLACKOUT kinda pain. i think the 11/10 parts are those directly above the major bones of my ribcage (the parts that have lesser/no fat)? but im not sure la cos i also cannot see since im lying down. the inking took 15 mins and the tatt costs $120.

first pic i took after i got inked!!

why ‘fearless’: because i like the quote “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” but thats way too long to be on my skin. also cos i like the word idk why i just do.

why ribs: i just think its a nice location for a tatt. plus i didnt want it to be visible so i didnt rly have alot of choices ah. and yea i know its a painful location but no pain no gain righttt

close up

overall my first tatt experience was pretty good i guess. vv thankful that my tatt artist is such a nice person like legit! after i was done she said that she didnt want to tell me beforehand that the ribs is one of the most painful parts of the body to get a tatt so that i wont be scared haha. i mean i already knew that la but still i appreciate it ah. 

so happy & nope no regrets (yet).


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