nurtured beliefs

how do you know that you truly believe in something when you were brought up to believe in it? ie, how can you be sure that you believe the things you believe in on rational grounds, and not just because these beliefs have been drilled into your head from the very day of your existence?

came across the above argument in the philo module i took this sem and it honestly changed how i think about certain things. like how maybe some people believe in christianity only because they are surrounded by christians who spread their love for christanity like confetti and have never been exposed to other religions (just an example, i am not targeting any group in particular).

the argument did make me think about my own beliefs as well, and i feel i would hate to know that i only believe in certain things because i was brought up to believe in them esp since i feel that my beliefs are a huge part of who i am as a person

anyway i have no answer to the question with which i began my post (lol). i guess i just wanted to say that perhaps no one completely believes in anything from a 100% rational and objective point of view. i say that because our feelings and thoughts are constantly influenced by external stimuli in a way that we would not be who we are if we were not brought up the way we were.

so maybe we believe in certain things because we were taught to believe in them and we dont truly believe in them purely on rational grounds. but these beliefs are part of who we are. like if we were to separate our beliefs from our environment then these independent beliefs would lose meaning. so we have good reason to believe in the beliefs we believe in even if we only believe them due to blind faith

(shit. i think my argument is flawed.)

i think that i am only writing this post cos i want to procrastinate and not study, but well, how can i be sure that that is what i think and not what society conditioned me to think?

(also thanks philo for screwing with my mind)


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