i feel like life keeps throwing obstacles in my way sia ok let me list down my problems

1. had to do manual registration wtf they closed down my allocated tutorial cos not enough people. now i might have to come to sch specially for ONE 45 mins tutorial. my timetable is definitely screwed

2. questioning my decision to overload cos 6 FASS-based mods = insane amt of readings. also i severely underestimated my workload for this sem? cos last sem i had too many useless mods so i just pon everything but this sem i cant

3. i really like this dress but idk if my body size weird or what the cutting looks abit weird on me so i didnt buy. now im regretting cos i really love the colour but its out of stock hais anyways I NEED CLOTHES FOR CNY 

but!! i have stuff to be thankful for too yea

1. grateful for nice profs who give us food heh and also quite lucky to get profs who are passionate about teaching. dont get me wrong i still hate studying but im thankful for anything that makes the process a little less painful

2. excited for cny!!!! bought potted flowers, decorations / ornaments, and lots of goodies IM READY FOR DONGDONGQIANG IM READY TO BECOME A FATTY IM READY!!!! CANT WAIT WHEE

3. thankful to be alive (if you read my blog regularly youll probably know that this is one thing i will always always be thankful for)


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