CNY Day 3

steamboat for reunion lunch with the fam at home!

sad that we do lesser and lesser visiting every cny 😦 feels like all the cny traditions are gonna die soon 😦

went nex for dinz

a-one cos my mum likes it

“financial misfortunes” ya so true


CNY Day 2

isit grocery shopping on cny

grandma’s house today! pic with laoma hehe

wings from wingstop for lunch. its sucks lol wld choose 4fingers anytime

err irrelevant pic but just putting it out here that im gonna quit gambling!! if anyone sees me gambling pls stop me from doing so lel thanks


having school on cny eve is just plain depressing i literally had to beg myself to leave the house this morning but whatever glad i survived ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY

reunion dinner at my aunt’s house

so much food omg tis the season to be fat

all the mahjong shows yas

btw nude pink nails this cny!! i painted myself sia not bad right HAHA

can people die from being too emotional

i rly need to learn how to handle my emotions better and stop letting it screw me over like seriously i am so fucking irrational i cant stand myself

wa i never knew having school from 10am to 6pm can be so physically exhausting… plus its been a busy week even though its only midweek – running errands, chionging to buy clothes (the queues are crazy), trying to clear my readings….. all cos of cny. but idc i still love cny