Burning Bridges

why do people think that apologizing just to make someone happy, even though they dont think theyre in the wrong, is the right thing to do? i cant and i wont apologize because i have no regrets over the way i talked/acted.. and if that means i am an inconsiderate bitch then i will be an inconsiderate bitch. but for gods sake its not a matter of pride. its me living by my principles and if you cant accept that.. it means you cant accept me for who i am. because sticking by my principles is the only way i know how to live, and i wont let you take that away from me. because i dont know who i am without my principles. so yea if its your happiness and my identity.. im sure as hell choosing the latter.

i guess im slightly disappointed that you – you of all people – cant understand me. and maybe it would hurt a little less if you stopped pretending you could.


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