In 2017…

i dont have big plans for the new year and i dont believe in resolutions but i do have one (big) wish:

in 2017 i hope to be happy


NYE @ Swissotel

yay nice room!! 

from the balcony

day view part 1

day view part 2 


pool selfie but cannot see pool

mirror selfie and can see mirror (omg im damn lame)

night view part 1

night view part 2

buying supper

bought supper

waiting for fireworks


more fireworks!!

hoho may 2017 be as exciting as the sky tonight 🙂 

Burning Bridges

why do people think that apologizing just to make someone happy, even though they dont think theyre in the wrong, is the right thing to do? i cant and i wont apologize because i have no regrets over the way i talked/acted.. and if that means i am an inconsiderate bitch then i will be an inconsiderate bitch. but for gods sake its not a matter of pride. its me living by my principles and if you cant accept that.. it means you cant accept me for who i am. because sticking by my principles is the only way i know how to live, and i wont let you take that away from me. because i dont know who i am without my principles. so yea if its your happiness and my identity.. im sure as hell choosing the latter.

i guess im slightly disappointed that you – you of all people – cant understand me. and maybe it would hurt a little less if you stopped pretending you could.

i gave up on wrapping lol in the end i just stuffed everything into a plastic bag.. the way i do things is just like my life – messy. HAHA

supposed to buy stuff for ppl but ended up buying stuff for myself omg i need to stop spending so much money…. payday pls come soon 😦

my colleague xiaonice omg she gave me xmas present when i havent seen her in ages?? haha and still in a dilemma abt whether i shld continue working after sch starts.. its like i could use the extra money but i dont want my gpa to drop.. and maintaining that balance is something i dont think i will be good at hahaha