Unemployed Life

meesua i luv

the other day i was craving nasi lemak so i travelled to nex just to buy it.. 

i hope bk opens an outlet in potong pasir soon 😦

BEST THING ON EARTH tomyum fried fish youmian from vivo kopitiam!!!! that amt of spicy + sour is done perfectly omg i want a bowl nowww

all my (impulse) buys on 11.11 why dont i get sick of taobao ah

bought from uniqlo also hahaha

and finally bought this!! classic kanken in fog ive been eyeing it since forever and then there was a black friday sale so i bought it

no work + no sch life ie eat and shop everyday damn shiok but seeing my bank acc balance is not.. haha but all these is gonna end tmr cos im starting work!!


such a depressing day today 😦 screwed up my math paper so badly i think i will get like 5 marks out of 96 lol joke or what???? i dont think i have ever done this badly for any exam in my life before FML?? best thing is that we can bring cheat sheet so i wrote every single formula on it but i dont even know which one to use???