yay so ready to use my s/u 🙂 🙂 🙂

study hard dog see ya soon!!


the commute to sch is depressing af 😦 esp when its 7pm lel i dont get why they have to put exams at night 😦

4 midterms starting tmr and i feel like i wasted this entire recess week away i dont even know what im doing? screwed up my first assignment not enough now on my way to screw up my first exam why am i even in uni ah

side note @/brain pls stfu!!!!

GA S13E1

is it my fav show is finally back?? after waiting for so long?? wah but srs every episode is an emotional roller coaster ep 1 only and alex is in jail like NO I FUCKING LOVE ALEX no amt of plot twist will take that away 😦