Is it my most hated chapter coming back to haunt me HAHAHA this mod makes me question my intelligence alot. Actually all my mods do LMAO

Another burden of this sem like srsly 6 hours of research wtf. Uni sux la ok sry end of rant


“wondering where did it all go wrong”

The end of rio 2016! Rly love to watch olympics and im a legit die-hard fan HAHA i watched every single match of the athletes i support. Vvv happy that joseph schooling won sg’s first Olympic gold, but was also devastated when lee chong wei failed to win china’s chen long in the badminton finals after he painstakingly won lin dan in the semis.. major heartbreak omg but nvm malaysia boleh!! And quite alot of famous athletes are retiring this year like Usain bolt and Michael phelps and lcw also.. but it would legit be a dream come true if i can fly to japan to watch tokyo 2020 omg ok thats 4 more years HAHA.

OMG ITS FINALLY BACK!!! CANT WAIT FOR SEPT 22 ALREADY. And there’re some rumours that yang might be coming back, really hope its true omg. Season 13 and im still sucha loyal fan hahaha rare times where something holds my interest for so long but SO HAPPY LEH.