Arts Camp’16

Finally here to blog about arts camp!! Was waiting for the photos to be uploaded haha. Anyways ac was my 2nd nus camp and its 5d4n.. which is DAMN LONG for a camp imo haha


Beach day aka my fav part of camp!! Still damn sad that it rained but its okkk


Date night! The guy on my left is my sp btw haha anyways i think my sp experience this time was a lot better than rhex LOL


To zouk! It was damn funny bcos some of the guys in my og were drunk before we even went in..


Last day of camppp

My fav pic with s3 hehe

S house!! We’re the smallest house but this camp made me feel something.. like some sort of attachment to this house.. which is why im gonna crash arts oweek HEHE but yeah thankful to be a part of S houseee


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