New Chapter

Am beginning this new chapter of my life called uni with trembling feet and unsteady hands; I’ve been so afraid of making decisions that I’d regret.

But recently I’ve been thinking a lot.. why am I so afraid? And I think I have found an answer—it’s because what I want isn’t the same as what most people want, and it makes me insecure because if the majority is choosing one thing it must mean that it’s better, right?

At the end of day I still end up with the same problems I’ve been dealing with my entire life. The square peg in a round hole thing still makes my heart waver in favor of the round hole.

It hasn’t been easy but I’m glad that so far, I’ve managed to follow my heart. I can only imagine that it’ll get harder from here, but I guess if I can continue listening to my own little voice, there won’t be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choices anymore because it’s MY choice and regardless of the outcome, I wouldn’t regret any of it.


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