Didn’t go for day 1 so im starting from day 2! Day 2 was amazing race then secret partner then fright night.. Tbh I don’t like day 2’s activities esp the later part..


But beach day (day 3) made up for it!! Idk why but there’s sth about beach days that always makes it the best part of camps


Joker!! Damn thankful for this og cos they are damn open about everything so it wasn’t as awkward as I tot it would be


I like how we can be damn chill but during games we are damn hiong also HAHA like we are all in during beach games which I like!!


Bad photo but this is my roomie HAHA and she’s also my ogl, she’s damn nice like legit!! Actually all my ogls r damn nice ahh


With our sister og whose name I forgot LOL


Full strength!! I can’t even spot myself but HAHA


Honestly, I have no regrets about joining this camp even though I decided not to apply for hall in the end.. but it was definitely a great experience yay!


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