so.. i know i complain a lot and i sound like an ungrateful bitch half the time but really, it doesnt mean that im not thankful. in fact, i am super thankful to be where i am today and have what i have. let me share my little academic story ok haha since i have the feels to write today.

3 months ago i didnt even dare to dream abt being able to go into a local uni but today i have gotten into my dream uni (nus). just 3 months ago, whenever ppl ask me which uni i want to go, i would just give a half-hearted reply like ‘ill go to any uni that wants me’ or simply just ‘i dont know yet’. truth is, i know and i have always known that i want to get into nus, just that it always seem like such a far-fetched dream that i was embarrassed to tell ppl (lol)

rewind to jc.. i rmb i was struggling to freaking pass my subjects even until prelims. i shall talk abt the subject i hold closest to heart (lmao) which is chem. i think i didnt even pass chem once in my entire jc life and i was feeling damn hopeless abt it cos its the subject i put in the most effort in, but my results never ever showed that. U grade after U grade.. i kinda lost hope in it as a levels were nearing. and then i screwed up the a level paper by not seeing one page (and hence, not attempting it) wtf that incident made me feel like the biggest idiot on earth. so naturally i wasnt expecting a good grade for it.. but alas i somehow managed to get an A. till today i still feel like a miracle happened (maybe ill start believing in miracles hmm). was so damn happy abt my chem it felt like my efforts paid off for the first time in 2 years (how pathetic tho). ok la my result slip isnt the prettiest one out there, i have subjects i did badly in too, but truly, i feel like i got what i deserved (whether in good ways or bad)

(i feel like such a failure rn but anyways) im damn grateful for all the opportunities that life has given me. i think i complain too much sometimes (its healthy ok) but nts:

remember to count your blessings



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