Sorting Things Out

Have been thinking about life a lot these few days and I think I finally sorted some stuff out so yay. Actually most of the things I already had answers to, just that I was too busy bothering myself with certain societal expectations rather than listening to my heart.

Also, another happy news: after calculating my finances I think I can actually afford a solo trip to tokyo. But that would cost me all my assets la haha so now I’m considering if I should go somewhere nearer instead.. perhaps batam/bali/bangkok? Does anyone want to go with me hehe pls email me thx!! HAHA jkjk the email part is a joke but the part where I wanna go with someone is not; must enjoy my freedom before uni starts but I don’t even know who can + want to go tgt hahahaha

Every time I survive shit I will be damn thankful to be alive. Today is one of those days


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