(Whiny post coming up pls skip if not interested in my rants HAHA)

Why is life so sucky ah go one uni also so troublesome idgi why is uni so ex why do I have to pay to suffer lmao I don’t even want to study ever again yet I have to pay to do it does that even make sense why do ppl have to study we should all just be illiterate happy beings we do not need knowledge to be happy ok

And why is everything so uncertain even at this point in time ugh I really hate this. Maybe it’s true that certain ppl can just never fit in or find their place in life haih and maybe it’s also true that happiness isn’t for everyone

And why is it that even my body treats me like crap these days wts like I don’t ever get insomnia but I did last night and I normally drink coffee like water but recently my body cannot take it also FML

Word of the day is why

Advice of the day is SUCK IT UP

Now I’m talking to myself lol good job bye


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