GA Addict

randomly went onto twitter today and saw this post:


and then i realised that ive alr watched 12 seasons of it and so far that amounts to 258 episodes.. and since each episode is 40 mins and i rewatch certain episodes sometimes that means ive spent close to 200 hours on this series alone…. wow

thankful for the existence of ga bc it was prob the only thing that kept me going during a level period HAHA. but then again, like what the above tweet says, a lot of my fav characters are dead alr and im damn sad bc i feel emotionally attached to them like OMG IVE SEEN U GROW AND IVE BEEN THERE THRU UR HIGHS AND LOWS HOW CAN U DIE ON ME!! particularly miss mark sloan and cristina yang and derek shepherd ok actually almost every single one of the old cast sigh


ok bye i shall go rewatch the earlier seasons bc i suddenly have the feels to hehe


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