Have been thinking about what to study in uni since Fri but until today still no conclusion?? Like WTF why is it so hard to decide I tot I was a very decisive person… but ok it’s quite scary since you’ll be stuck with the choice you make for the next 3-4 years.

Currently have a lot of questions in my head I feel like it’s gonna burst from thinking too much?? Should I choose to study biz or psychology when idk which one I’m actually interested in? If I study biz, will I die from the amount of econs (because I got D for h2 econs) and if I won’t, should I go to ntu (because its 3 years) or smu (because it’s near my house) if both accept me? If I study psychology, should I choose nus or ntu when the former is supposedly better but the latter can save me one year? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Hopefully some saint sees my post and helps me make a decision hahahahha ok I’m kidding but I’m legit damn scared that I’ll choose wrongly and end up spending the next 4 years hating my life


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