First day of cny yay!! And this year only going visiting on the first day so yep. At first I felt that this year’s cny a bit no feels cos cannot accept red packets.. but then I realized is I can accept but my parents cannot give! And so weird sia, is only all the sons cannot give but the daughters can. But still, very few red packets this year I sad….

And I think I am gonna get fat cos I really no self control one. I go people’s house I just take the whole container and keep stuffing food into my mouth HAHA.

Oh in other news: I finally gambled yes!!! I played blackjack and I won a bit also hahahaha finally satisfied my itch to gamble! I quite lucky today eh I got banban when I was the banker wew!! Aiya should have taken a pic for memory’s sake but oh well I don’t like to use phone when I gamble one cos must concentrate hahahhaha. Oh ya and I have been wanting to learn real mahjong since forever but nobody wants to teach me sian.

But overall it has been a great day wew!!!!


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