Time Flies/Scared for Results

Wow it has been 2 months into 2016 alr time really passes so fast it’s kinda scary?? But it’s good that I find that time passes fast bc it means that my time is well spent right.. does this make any sense? Anyway it feels like just last week that I finished A levels wth…

And speaking of A levels, I’m really really really really damn scared to take my result slip on the 4th.. somehow I feel like it would be doomsday. Not to mention that I’m not the least bit confident bc I know that I screwed up most of my papers sigh.. I hope somehow things will turn out fine.



Early bday dinner with the fam today! We went to House of Seafood at punggol settlement bc I want to eat chilli crab hehe



Oh ya and we went thru great lengths to eat here lol illegal parking plus A LOT of waiting.. but ok la the food overall not bad! I don’t think it’s worth a revisit tho haha


Explored the other side of potong pasir today hahahaha kidding actually I went downstairs to run errands and just walked the longer route! So yup I went to visit kallang river!





Quite nice right haha this is my first time walking here since they renovated even tho it’s like 10 mins from my house. I think it’s a nice place to exercise la but then doesn’t benefit me cos the only exercise I do is mouth exercise aka eating hahahahhahaa

Oh and also, I might be getting a new camera (not dslr) but idk which to buy.. if anyone has any recommendations pls leave a comment on this post (press the light grey speech bubble on the right side of the title of this post) or sth!!


3 consecutive off days starting from today!! Which is good and bad la. Good cos I get to rest (my body feels so old recently) and bad cos when I have nothing to do I will shop online.. need to kick this habit ugh!!

And wow Feb is gonna end soon… time passes so quickly omg..

Wth sia I just got my schedule for 1st half of March and it’s freaking shitty lol what even. Is it time to find a new job


Mad cravings for chilli crab and Chinatown frog legs for the past few days sobs……. but anyways today was off day I finally get to stay at home and nua!!! And I just realized I worked 11 out of the past 12 days hahaha and that one day that I wasn’t working I went out too so it’s like I didn’t get any legit rest since cny damn.. but sian I always feel like I’m wasting my youth (lol) when I stay at home cos all I do is 1) online shopping and 2) look at nice food on instagram and 3) watch drama and then I will wonder why I have no life hahahahahaha


Rare white girl moments haha bc 2 morning shifts in a row = very sleep deprived.. still think that starbucks is overrated tho!


And I finally dyed my hair!!!! Ok actually I wanted to dye like 2 months ago hahahahha but have been procrastinating oops. But not rly very satisfied with my hair leh.. the person cut too much (5 inches omg..) and I wanted a darker colour too cos I feel like my current colour a bit too bright!! But then again if it’s too dark then dye or don’t dye also no difference so..