Met up with sab and qin today!! Went to so many places in one day haha but time well spent (even tho the day was a bit ruined cos of work stuff but sigh).

Had lunch with sab at westgate, then qin came afterwards and we shopped a bit tgt.

4 fingers


Westgate wonderland

Then after that we went orchard. Wanted to buy my shoes but don’t have my size!! Damn sad but okay nvm next time then!

We left orchard after awhile and went to marina south pier cos sab wanted to see the sea. It’s my first time here too, but honestly errr nothing much to do. The place was quite pretty tho!







My fav pic from today!!

Then we went dhoby for dinner. Oh ya side track a bit, according to my phone, I walked 20,000 steps today. No wonder I was so hungry!! We ate at namnam, it’s my first time trying it and I think it’s not bad!

Namnam I’ll be back!

Thanks for today wew I hope you guys find a job soon and lower singapore’s unemployment rate HAHA.


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