Xiaoqin dropped by to visit me at work today!!! Wow she is actually quite good at surprises leh cos when she came I was attending to a customer and I didn’t even realise it was her even though I saw someone from the corner of my eye (I tot she was another customer who wanted to ask stupid qns or sth LOL). And she bought me koi hehe so nice sia thanks qin!! (Ps qin: don’t say I never dedicate post for you HAHA and actually I didn’t even know you got read my blog one!)

On another note, want to buy Pandora jewellery cos they’re so pretty!!! Esp their charms cos all of them have some kind of meaning behind it, like certain charms represent certain things such as love, creativity, peace etc which I think is damn cool!

And then there’s this quiz on the Pandora website, which apparently can reflect your inner values. So I tried it…



And wah I think it’s quite good cos all the charms that supposedly reflects my inner values are either silver or black haha which I like!!

Okay then they have this thing that lets you design your own bracelet too. I chose courage, freedom and happiness… the end result really damn nice!!!


But errrrr look at the price what the… and I haven’t even add the spacers… time to earn more money to splurge on this HAHA.


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