Went downstairs at 10pm just to buy these HAHA.

Kit kat my love!!


Really really really hope that my Jan pay gets processed before cny.. if not how am I supposed to gamble and eat and celebrate happily with a two-digit figure (soon to be one-digit) in my bank account…. sigh life of a broke kid..


Checked out the new punggol waterway point with stacey today! Quite pretty leh I like, but then I get attracted to everything that is new so HAHA.


And wanted to visit sab but she not working today aiyo no chemistry sia!!!


Then walked around wwp and…. I swear I wasn’t going to shop AGAIN but I did… DAMN BROKE NOW LIKE LEGIT FML!!! Oh but we were given cotton on coupons!!


After that stacey said she wanted to do nails so we went orchard area to shop (lucky I didn’t buy anymore omg). She told me to do tgt.. and I did HAHA. Feels so weird to have something on your nails?? Ps I damn long never paint nails alr a bit suaku..


Oh ya… we today damn budget cos both of us damn broke haha. But the good thing about eating with stacey is that she ALWAYS lets me choose what to eat hahaha cos she likes EVERYTHING yay!!


And hor I just realized we didn’t take a single pic tgt leh what the!! But really I just want to say that time passes damn quickly when you’re with the right company…


And ya la this friendship is definitely one that is worth to keep!! Even though you’ll probably never ever see this hahahaha but love you!!


I have spending issues……. I said I wouldn’t shop again until the end of this month but I went to buy a pair of NB today……… freaking broke sobs…… and I’m supposed to save my pay for japan but then now I think my pay can’t even cover my shopping expenses…………


Recently started on a new series, Orange Is the New Black, and I can’t believe I waited so long to start watching such a good drama!! The only thing I don’t like is that there’re no good looking guys hahahaha.


Off day today after working for the past 6 days consecutively and I accompanied my mum to Chinatown haha so filial right.

Cny vibes

Dk why but I don’t get much feels for cny this year leh… but looking forward to the gambling HAHAHA.