Went JB with the makan gang today!


Starving by the time we reached JB cos all of us didn’t eat breakfast HAHA.


Stop 1: City Square

Went to a nearby jap restaurant! Not that nice but aiya hungry so anyhow.

Smoked duck udon


After eating we shopped awhile in the mall… everything is damn cheap yay I like!!

When we digested our meal we decided to go to the cafes outside the mall! Had such a hard time finding but worth it cos all of them are damn cool!!


Stop 2: Koone

Damn hot so ice cream first. We bought a soft serve each and shared.


Yoghurt, matcha & dark chocolate soft serve



This cafe is damn cute haha everything is pink!!!



Look at the smoke!!


^ convo about this picture:
Me: “eh this pic is Instagram worthy right”
John: *straight face* “no”

So direct walao HAHA.

And then… it freaking rained omg we were damn sad!! Not that it stopped us from continuing our food journey haha.


Stop 3: Maco Vintage

My fav cafe cos I love the atmosphere!! It’s like this lone 2-storey building in the middle of nowhere.





Stacey wanted to try the crepe cake but I’m not a fan of sweet stuff so yeah I didn’t eat much.



Then I said I wanted to eat savoury food!!


Stop 4: IT Roo

Was expecting a lot cos I saw many reviews about how good the chicken chop is and also how it claims to be the ‘best chicken chop in Malaysia’.

Grilled chicken chop


But it was okay only eh honestly not that good!! A bit disappointed but oh well.


It was quite crowded even though we went at an awkward timing!! 4pm if I didn’t remember wrongly.


Stop 5: Hiap Joo Bakery

This place is famous for their banana cake!! All of us bought one box home cos we figured that it should be pretty decent if it’s so famous! Tried it when I reached home and I feel that it’s really worth the hype!!



Stop 6: City Square

Went back to the mall for more shopping cos we couldn’t eat anymore HAHA. And also cos the rain made it so inconvenient to go outside!!

What is Stacey doing



Snoopy themed Christmas deco!


Shopped the entire mall… then went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner! Wanted to go outside to eat their seafood but our legs were breaking…

After dinner it was time to go home haha we queued for damn long for the freaking bus and at the Malaysia customs omg my legs were dying and my back was breaking…

Actually still got some places I wanna go but next time la we already ate 5 meals between lunch to dinner time omg!! Had fun today heh we were total gluttons omg I cannot even. Damn tired bye!!


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