Finally went to collect my phone today!! Sent it for repair a few days ago and yay I love my big Samsung screen!

Looks prettier?!

After collecting my phone, I went to meet Stacey first! Really miss her a lot!!! And very glad that we can still talk so comfortably (this is very rare for me)! Immensely grateful for this source of familiarity that I will never get sick of.


Then after that we went to Mr Tien’s condo to meet 4A! Damn nostalgic to see so many old friends even though I’m socially awkward… But great to catch up with one another! So we had dinner, then bonded over stupid embarrassing games… then just sat there talking the whole night!

Full strength for today

We (John, Stacey and I) left the condo at 10 plus then we (actually just me HAHA) decided to get supper at Swee Choon! While walking there from CSM I saw that there’s this area outside CSM with very nice SpongeBob themed Christmas decorations! Then I said I wanted to take a picture together… And then something happened which made me damn annoyed. John asked this lady to help us take a picture and she really have NO skills at all even though she look like she damn zai at photography. So end up the picture damn ugly… Could’ve been Instagram worthy one lor. And the thing is, she didn’t even include the freaking Christmas tree into the picture…


Then we reached Swee Choon and there was a long queue… Even though it was like 11 plus already?

Half of the food

We quickly finished our supper cos we wanted to be in time for the last train. Then damn funny cos we (John and I) heard the MRT announcement and then we ran from the CSM entrance to the train platform… Luckily we made it in time!!

Was a great day overall!



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