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Today’s the last day of the year!! Actually I’m quite glad that this year is coming to an end cos erm a lot of unpleasant memories haha.

I wanted to buy a calendar but couldn’t bear to spend $30 on something that I might not even use after a few weeks LOL so I went to print HAHA.


And also I collected my new specs today!! I feel like the world suddenly became so much clearer LOL.

Oh ya if you’re wondering, no I don’t do new year resolutions. Haha bye 2015! May the new year be better!!


Work today was backbreaking cos stocks take lol ok I should stop complaining haha. Anyways, met yeexuan for dinner after work! Treated her cos her birthday was yesterday! But she let me choose what to eat hehe. So we went 49 seats @ orchard central! Have been wanting to try 49 seats since forever…



Dk what she doing


Our food!!

I find that their chicken chop is pretty decent so yay!!! Thumbs up for the atmosphere too! After eating we went up to the sky garden…





I like reindeer hehe


We went to the library too cos she suaku never go before HAHA.





Yay good catch up hehe!! Happy birthday again, study hard and do me proud ok (if you ever stumble upon this HAHA).

Oh ya… I went shopping omg I’m spending money so much faster than I am earning it… And also idk why but I’m very accident prone recently?? Tripped at least 5 times today wts and also, hope that my foot recovers quickly!!


Cycling day with jiale today!! Went to the punggol area which was quite pretty so photo spam ahead haha…








Jq was supposed to join us for dinner but in the end she couldn’t make it sigh let’s catch up tgt next time!


Tzechar dinner
Mirror selfie

Wew great day being so close to nature!! Even though I’m so physically unfit now haha my legs were dying after cycling like one hour… and also did I mention that I fell down while cycling?! I think it was when I was talking to jiale then somehow I knocked into the railing and then I was sort of thrown off the bike. Lucky that I only have external injuries though! But wah my left foot hurts like crap and some more I have work tmr sigh.


I feel sian when I work and I feel sian when I don’t work. Cos work means stand very long which means backache, while no work means bored and nothing to do. I really think I’m damn hard to please hahaha.

Oh btw today I was doing cashiering alone then there was this person whose credit card keep on cannot go through!! Then I was damn scared and I didn’t know what to do cos I tried a few times still cannot. Luckily in the end he paid cash!

Oh and today’s only my 2nd day but I memorized everything that I’m supposed to already hehe quite proud of myself. I think all that memorizing shit in JC actually benefitted me wow.

First Job

First day of work of my first job (as retail assistant) yesterday!! Actually working is quite tiring but all is well so long as I remind myself that I’m paid to do this HAHA.

Honestly, working isn’t all that different from studying—in both you have to learn new things, memorise loads of shit, get scolded by people etc. So if you think of it, working is better since you get paid above all that shit, right?

Anyways I think working in retail will be a good experience. Although cashiering is really damn stressful…

But yay to earning money through my own hard work!!!


Tiring day at work but I went to meet up with sab, awsy, cy & nick after that anyways I’m such a good friend right HAHA kidding. But LOL I just realised we didn’t even take a single pic tgt so ok this post only words…

Dinner at ajisen, then after that we went to the sky garden to talk and play cards… until the security guard came and chased us away at like 11+ I think. Yay I had fun hehe!!

Oh ya I have a pic with sab!

Toilet selfie

Dedication to sab: Happy belated birthday!! Cos I owe you a bday post but anyways since I’m not using insta plus I know you’ll read this some time… HAHA love you still muacks!!