Will always be thankful for people who initiate meet-ups!! Because I really really hate planning them especially if I’m not even sure if whoever I’m planning to meet wants to meet me in the first place… And I’m never 100% sure because I suck at noticing subtle cues and aiya I’m just damn socially oblivious la. Sometimes I think I won’t even realize if someone hates me until they explicitly say so. Sigh this sucks…

On another note, really appreciate how slow-paced my life is right now! I mean, I’ll probably get bored of it in awhile (actually, is there anything that I won’t get bored of??) but it’s a nice change from the past 2 years of hectic JC life.

Managed to do some shopping the past few days so yay! And actually I’m spending most of my time watching shows which isn’t exactly time well-spent but it’s been long since I’ve been able to spend hours in front of my laptop without guilt!! And satisfied some of my cravings too!

And honestly… I wanna meet so many people but… (Re-read paragraph 1 of this post) sigh I keep feeling that I’m a very needy person and I don’t want people to find me annoying sobs.


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