The day of my freedom finally came!!! This date is supposed to be a historic moment where I get released from the cage JC has kept me in for 2 years. Was SO excited I kept chanting to myself “20 Nov is coming 20 Nov is coming” to make myself motivated to study.

But the day started out so bad because I screwed up my paper. Worst paper I’ve ever done for A levels, and it was chem, aka the subject I had worked so fucking hard on since the start of J1.

Really was so damn upset I felt like crying. But I had plans after the paper, so I convinced myself I wasn’t bothered by it.

So yup, I went to Chomp Chomp for dinner with Jiale and Jiaqian!


Group pic


Ordered so much food I thought we couldn’t finish. And I tried Lok Lok for the first time and it’s really good!! Reminder to self to buy more of it next time haha.


Glorious Lok Lok


So yeah, my day wasn’t that bad in the end I guess. Grateful for the company!!


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