Will always be thankful for people who initiate meet-ups!! Because I really really hate planning them especially if I’m not even sure if whoever I’m planning to meet wants to meet me in the first place… And I’m never 100% sure because I suck at noticing subtle cues and aiya I’m just damn socially oblivious la. Sometimes I think I won’t even realize if someone hates me until they explicitly say so. Sigh this sucks…

On another note, really appreciate how slow-paced my life is right now! I mean, I’ll probably get bored of it in awhile (actually, is there anything that I won’t get bored of??) but it’s a nice change from the past 2 years of hectic JC life.

Managed to do some shopping the past few days so yay! And actually I’m spending most of my time watching shows which isn’t exactly time well-spent but it’s been long since I’ve been able to spend hours in front of my laptop without guilt!! And satisfied some of my cravings too!

And honestly… I wanna meet so many people but… (Re-read paragraph 1 of this post) sigh I keep feeling that I’m a very needy person and I don’t want people to find me annoying sobs.



Officially the end of A levels!! And also the last time I’ll be wearing NY uniform…

For sentimental purposes

Anyways, great to get back my freedom! Looking forward to spending more time with the people I love. And also so many things I wanna do.

The Art of Being Happy


I have been thinking, what does it mean to be happy? How do you define happiness? And how can you define something that can be experienced by a thousand different people in a thousand different ways?

Are you, by your own definitions, happy? I am not. I am trying to be, and I feel like I should be, but I am not. I mean, I don’t think my life is total crap and sure, I have a lot to be thankful for, but I am not happy. And I don’t know why.

Maybe some people are just not meant to be happy.


Back to NCHS for RCY’s annual homecoming today! Feels like it’s been so long since I stepped into this school that I spent so much of my life in…

Thankful for these girls who made me laugh so much I had a headache (don’t ask me how) haha. Still so full of crap I cannot even.


Batch of 2013


Fake candid


Oh ya did I mention that the food this year was good? Haha it’s just catered food la but as compared to previous years it’s really a lot better!!


Our table


After dinner there were the usual performances and games… Quite nice to watch but all the seniors got called to perform too haha sian.


With Zhiqi


With Yeexuan


Had a lot of fun today hehe!! I mean, the activities were not the best and the planning wasn’t flawless either, but it’s really heartwarming to see an entire CCA consisting of 6 batches taking time out of their busy schedules to come together (even if I don’t know half of them).


Being weird


Thank you NCHSRCY.



My friends ended their written papers today!! Though I got back my freedom on Friday but I feel happy for them!!

Went to have lunch and play arcade with Qinjie yay!! Coincidentally wore the same shirt as her… Gay!!!


Acting cute


She today damn cute and her face became rounder again haha oops.


Our food


No fate with the HoTD game today even though that was what both of us wanted to play most. But it’s okay la we had fun still!

At long last

This feeling of liberation is not the loud, crazy kind. It’s not the kind that screams in every shade of red. It’s not the kind that is bursting at the seams with life.

Instead, it is a quiet sense of peace. It is the calm that comes after a storm. It is the sky blue you see when the sun shines not-too-brightly, but, you know it’s shining.


The day of my freedom finally came!!! This date is supposed to be a historic moment where I get released from the cage JC has kept me in for 2 years. Was SO excited I kept chanting to myself “20 Nov is coming 20 Nov is coming” to make myself motivated to study.

But the day started out so bad because I screwed up my paper. Worst paper I’ve ever done for A levels, and it was chem, aka the subject I had worked so fucking hard on since the start of J1.

Really was so damn upset I felt like crying. But I had plans after the paper, so I convinced myself I wasn’t bothered by it.

So yup, I went to Chomp Chomp for dinner with Jiale and Jiaqian!


Group pic


Ordered so much food I thought we couldn’t finish. And I tried Lok Lok for the first time and it’s really good!! Reminder to self to buy more of it next time haha.


Glorious Lok Lok


So yeah, my day wasn’t that bad in the end I guess. Grateful for the company!!