20 months: a reflection


the past 2 years were hard. I experienced more struggles within those 2 years than I did outside of them. I constantly questioned my choices, my priorities, my sanity, and my ability to make it through A levels.

if you ask me whether I would have made the same choices if I knew things were going to turn out this way, my answer is no. I wouldn’t. but that is unrealistic; I wouldn’t know. what I do know is that the very decisions I made shaped me into who I am today. I am still a mess, and I might always be, but I think I am a better version of myself than I was 2 years ago.

so despite my struggles, I have no regrets about this journey. it would be a lie to say that I’d do it all over again, but I think it’s fair to say that I took away many valuable lessons from it, and I’ve grown a lot.

am extremely proud of myself for making it through this arduous journey—it has been a battle and I am leaving with scars that are beyond skin-deep. I still do not know if I have won this battle, but at least I know that it was one in which I fought for myself, with my own bare hands.


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