square peg, round hole


I don’t know if my brain was wired differently from most people, but I often feel like a misfit. sometimes I don’t feel like I fit at all; like nobody, including myself, can understand my thoughts and/or feelings.

imagine society wants people to be round. they have these round holes made for the entire population. somehow everyone is born round. except you—you are born square.

what do you do? do you cut off your edges to fit into the round hole, but in the process, risk damaging or even losing yourself? or do you insist on remaining square, and choose not to fit in and continue being different from everyone else?

what do I do? I wish I could proudly say that I stand by myself, no matter what. but sometimes it gets tiring to stick out like a sore thumb. so some of my edges got chipped off over the years, and perhaps, that caused me to lose some parts of myself too.

they say why fit in when you were born to stand out? I say if only it were that simple.


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