the pursuit of nothings

the big A’s is approaching and everyone is so tense I can almost smell competition in the air. it’s quite scary really. I too am stuck in this paper chase even though I do find it incredibly meaningless. everyone is just blindly regurgutating their notes and forcing pieces of information into their brains. is there any point in learning like this? and what kind of human being has this system shaped us into?

here’s an excerpt of the thoughts that go through my brain each day: why do we have to study the things we hate in order to do the things we like in future? why do I have to know that rhyolitic lava comes out of a volcano at the oc-cc convergent boundary? why must I succumb to societal pressure and get stuck in this chase for paper qualifications? are paper qualifications the sole determinant of our success as a person? why can’t society accept people for their different talents, even if they are not academically inclined? did I make a right choice choosing the mainstream path and coming to JC? did I make a right choice coming to my current JC? what happens if I don’t manage to get into a decent course in university?

the above thoughts went through my mind in about 39 seconds and yes, I am incredibly insecure. but I believe that I’m not the only one who thinks like this. and I can’t help but to wonder if the system, in trying to equip us with more skills and enhance the competitiveness of the workforce, has instead produced robotic humans who are so insecure about themselves and/or so unhappy with their lives.

at what costs do we pursue the things society expects of us?


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