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i dislike my name bcos its very hard to pronounce (even for me). ive always wanted to give myself a christian name but i have yet to find a suitable one.

i came into university wanting to study psychology but i realized that it wasnt for me. thankfully things worked out, and i am currently an economics major.

airports have a special place in my heart. i love airports, not just singapore’s world-class changi airport, but the smaller and less glamorous ones too.

i love to travel. i am a city person and my (not very realistic) dream is to visit all the cities in the world. number one on my bucket list is new york.

i am an extremely picky eater. my biggest fear food is mayonnaise and i literally will not eat anything that comes into contact with mayo. i always feel very guilty when people have to accomodate to my eating habits, so i hate it when people guilt-trip me about it bcos honestly, if i had a choice, i would want to like to eat everything.

i am a perfectionist, a pessimist, and an overthinker. which is why most of the time, my mind is a very noisy and chaotic place to be in. this is also the reason behind the name of this blog.

i am interested in photography. i find joy in taking pretty pictures and some of my favourite things to photograph are sunsets, city skylines, and food.

buying new things makes me happy. i am addicted to online shopping and i scroll through taobao whenever im bored. i take retail therapy very seriously.

i can be quite impulsive. most people see this as a bad thing but i decided to see it as something good bcos acting on impulse means that i am following my heart.

i think in greys and feel in colors – i think that nothing in this world is simply black or white and i feel (too) deeply about so many things.

i like to write. i generally prefer to write based on recount bcos i am a lazy person and writing about intellectual stuff is too tedious.

tell me something about yourself.


when do you decide to not settle and to continue striving for bigger and better things? or, when do you decide to stop chasing what you want because the only thing you are getting from it is the feeling of inadequacy?

i think life is a constant struggle between these two questions (well, at least for me). i feel like i dont ever know when to draw the line between settling and not settling, between ‘life will give me what is mine’ and ‘i have to fight for what i want’.